Benteng Api Refractorindo, PT

Refractory Manufacturer of Fire Brick, Technocast Mortar & Technocast Castable

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Jl. Ds. Slorok - Kec. Garum - Kab. Blitar, Jawa Timur - Indonesia

Marketing & Head Office
Jl. Griya Kebraon Tengah Blok X No.27-28, Surabaya 60222, Jawa Timur - Indonesia,

Telp: (031) 7661609
Fax: (031) 7660920


Building durable and precise refractory solutions for your unique needs.

Who Are We?

Established in 2003, our company has built a solid reputation in the refractory industry, backed by a technical team with over 20 years of experience.

We specialize in producing high quality fire bricks, mortars, and castables, consistently meeting the needs of our valued customers.

Our Vision

Becoming a nationally renowned company of high quality and international standards.

Our Mission

Crafting high-quality products and fostering a cohesive team through cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals.

Our Facilities

Advanced facilities. Precision solutions. Expert team.


Advanced factory. Experienced team. Quality solutions.


Expert testing. Quality control. Precision solutions.


Stocked warehouse. Reliable delivery. Fast turnaround.


Cutting-edge workshop. Skilled craftsmen. Custom refractory solutions.

Engineering Team

Expert engineering team. Innovative solutions. Precision results.

Our Products

Strong, durable, and insulated refractory products for extreme industrial environments.

Air Setting

Easy application, strong bond.


Versatile, high-quality refractory.

Custom Bricks

Tailored to your specs for unique applications.


Dense, heat-resistant support.

Fire Mortar

Ensures lining integrity.

Fire Protection Castable

Exceptional heat resistance for critical safety.

High Alumina Brick

Corrosion-resistant, stable in high temps.

Insulating Brick

Lightweight, energy-efficient heat loss reduction.

Insulating Mortar

Provides thermal insulation and strong bonding.

Plastic Refractories

Moldable, shock and abrasion resistant.

Precast Refractories

Precision-made for reliable industrial solutions.

Ceramic Module

Custom on demand module.

Ceramic Blanket

Thermal insulation product.

Our customers

Custom Solutions for Diverse Industries. Customer Satisfaction at Our Core.

Iron & Steel


Lime & Cement


Oil & Gas

Certified Excellence. Quality Solutions.

Connect with Us for Your Refractory Solution Needs.


Marketing Manager

+62 812 3023 4596


Marketing Executive

+62 813 3045 5540


Marketing Executive

+62 815 5091 334


Marketing Executive

+62 822 6419 2233

Building the Future with Resilient Refractory Solutions.

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